Vibration Analysis Services, Hawai’i • PdM Specialists

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shutterstock_20515706smPdM Specialists services all of the Hawaiian islands.  Our main focus is preventing downtime and increasing reliability at Power and Co-Gen plants, Water Treatment and Wastewater Plants, as well as physical plants for hospitals, hi-rise buildings, universities and resorts.

Whether using route-based data collection or wireless online systems, we tailor our work to your budget.   Because we already service Hawai’i, travel expenses are minimal. Whether your facility is on the Big Island, Kauai, Maui, or Oahu we can provide vibration analysis services, Infrared Thermography, fan balancing, baseline analysis, commissioning, and other PdM Technologies.

If you are unfamiliar with Vibration Analysis Services, vibration testing is an effective way to diagnose machine faults and predict machine failure.  Through vibration analysis, we can help determine the health of critical machines. An experienced analyst can differentiate lines and points on a waveform or FFT spectrum, and determine if those points are related to potential faults within a machine. Our trained and certified analysts have knowledge and experience that enables them to determine equipment condition.

PdM Specialists’ vibration technicians are ISO 184636-2:2014 certified up to the highest level – category IV.