Vibration Analysis

Vibration testing is an effective way to diagnose machine faults and predict machine failure. Through vibration analysis, we can help determine the health of critical machines.

Fault detection utilizing vibration monitoring equipment is the most accurate and reliable method of all condition based monitoring technologies. Whether the equipment is low or high speed there are ways to utilize vibration to determine equipment health.

With the help of our team of ISO Certified engineers and technicians we have the knowledge, training and experience to improve your reliability program.

A condition monitoring program could contain one or more of the following monitoring techniques:

Online & Continuous Monitoring

Our engineers and technicians will work with you to determine the criticality of your equipment. Often the criticality of your machines is determined by potential production loss or a health risk due to unexpected failure.

We will then help with designing an affordable online continuous monitoring system that fits your up-time demands and budget.

Having the added value of a continuous monitoring system helps reduce unexpected failures and ensures that you have continuous peace of mind when it comes to the health of your machines. We program our continuous monitoring systems to alert on specific faults like bearing damage, lubrication deficiency, unbalance, misalignment and more, so you are not just alerted to an increase in overall vibration but alerted to the specific nature of the fault.

Route Based Monitoring

Routine monitoring is one of the lowest cost methods of determining equipment health. Programs are setup where vibration data is collected on equipment using our ISO certified analysts or can also be collected with in-house personnel and equipment. Data is uploaded to our servers for analysis and reporting. Analysis is peer reviewed with a senior analyst finalizing the report after review.

Learn more about these Vibration Analysis services

Route Based Analysis

Route based vibration analysis programs at monthly or quarterly intervals

Online Monitoring

Analytics and predictive diagnostics on your company’s machines and equipment

Floor Studies

Floor vibration acceptance testing for sensitive equipment and machinery

Advanced Analysis & Vibration Reduction

(Corrective Maintenance)

Fan Balancing / Dynamic Balancing

Balancing reduces bearing load and can lower overall vibration levels to help prolong the life of your machine.

Structural Testing Using ODS

A weak link in every machine is its structure. With a 3D animation model we can show you the way that your machine is actually moving as it vibrates. ODS analysis will allow you to increase the life of your machine by making it more reliable through its structure.

Acceptance Testing

Machines are expensive and faults are often initiated during transport and installation. Falling out of alignment, becoming unbalanced, and bearing defects are some of the leading causes of premature failures. Make sure your new machine is operating within spec from day one with acceptance testing.

At PdM we confirm your newly installed equipment is running to specifications with advanced vibration readings and provide a detailed report of machine condition. Faults are detected early, avoiding downtime and premature failures of critical machines, extending the equipment’s useful life. Acceptance testing will help provide quicker return on your capital investment.

We provide vibration and sound based acceptance testing.

Why Acceptance Test?

Faults that occur prior to or during machine installation are the leading cause of machine failure. In reliability maintenance this is known as infant mortality, and accounts for a shocking 69% of machine failures in the field. We can confirm that your machinery as running at specifications and identify problem faults so that corrective action can be taken before it leads to catastrophic failure. Why waste money? With acceptance testing you can have confidence your machinery starts its production life running at optimal efficiency.

In addition to the vibration analysis services above, we also provide web-based and other on-site services including: vibration analysis and support; training (on-site or over a secure web connection); and turn-key vibration monitoring solutions.

What our services can do for your business

Reduce Downtime

and unexpected failures through continuous monitoring and preventive maintenance


Improve Efficiency

and reliability through training and proper corrective maintenance techniques

Inform Decision-Making

with up-to-date analytics and predictive diagnostics on your company’s equipment

At PdM Specialists, we have both the experience and expertise to help you achieve your performance goals. Whether it’s testing, troubleshooting, or proactively maintaining assets, we’ll offer a complete and customized solution for your equipment.