Vibration analysis has become one of the most effective technologies for diagnosing machine faults and predicting machine failure. Do you know the health of your critical machines? It is up to an experienced analyst to differentiate each line or point on a waveform or FFT spectrum to determine if they are related to faults that potentially could occur within a machine. It is that knowledge and experience that enables our trained and certified analysts to determine the condition of your equipment. Our vibration technicians are ISO 184636-2:2014 certified up to the highest level – category IV.

Online and Continuous Monitoring System Engineering

Our engineers and technicians will work with you to determine the criticality of your equipment. Often the criticality of your machines is determined by potential production loss or a health risk due to unexpected failure. We will then help with designing an affordable online continuous monitoring system that fits your up-time demands and budget. Having the added value of a continuous monitoring system helps reduce unexpected failures and ensures that you have continuous peace of mind when it comes to the health of your machines. We program our continuous monitoring systems to alert on specific faults like bearing damage, lubrication deficiency, unbalance, misalignment and more, so you are not just alerted to an increase in overall vibration but alerted to the specific nature of the fault.

Route Based Monitoring

Our certified technicians will build a program based on the criticality of your machines. Routine monitoring is one of the lowest cost forms of condition monitoring to implement and run. Route Based Vibration Monitoring gives you the maximum machinery coverage for your investment. Our time spent at your facility collecting vibration and other data gives you valuable trend data, and a diagnostic report with suggested corrective actions. Your report will be verified and completed by an ISO certified analyst, which ensures the quality of the information you receive about the condition of your machines.

Advanced Analysis and Vibration Reduction
(Corrective Maintenance)

Fan Balancing / Dynamic Balancing
Balancing reduces bearing load and can lower overall vibration levels to help prolong the life of your machine.
Acceptance Testing
Machines are expensive and damage can occur during installation and delivery. Make sure your new machine is operating within specs from day one.

Structural Testing Using ODS
A weak link in every machine is its structure. With a 3D animation model we can show you the way that your machine is actually moving as it vibrates. ODS analysis will allow you to increase the life of your machine by making it more reliable through its structure.

Resonance Testing
Variable speed equipment may be subject to resonance if operated at other than design speeds. We test using phase and amplitude in three axis across the expected operating range at each bearing to determine if any expected speeds coincide with natural frequencies (resonances). Depending on the amplitude increase we advise on what speed ranges to avoid.

Web Based and Other On-site Services

  • Vibration Analysis and Support
  • Training – On-site or over a secure web connection
  • Turn-key vibration monitoring solutions