Turnkey Online Monitoring

Turnkey Online Monitoring SOlutions

IMx-1 Wireless Vibration and Temperature Monitoring

Full Time Waveform, and FFT up to 3200 Lines of Resolution to 5kHz

  • Advanced technology designed for more critical assets
  • Expert software requiring expert data analysis and reporting
  • Vibration knowledge required
  • Machine information needed for setup

IMx-8/16 Plus Wired Continuous Vibration Monitoring

(add-on to the IMX-1)

  • Full Time Waveform and FFT up to 6400 Lines of Resolution to 40kHz
  • Simultaneous Acquisition for up to 16 channels
  • Run-up and Coast Down Acquisition Modes

Axios Wireless Vibration and Temperature Monitoring

The first line of defense for your machinery

  • Fully-automated wireless technology for vibration and temperature data collection
  • Uses machine learning to detect abnormal conditions in industrial equipment
  • Notifies maintenance and reliability teams when anomalies are detected to allow futher investigation and proper maintenance

Subscription Service Includes:

All Hardware

Sensors, Mounting Pads, Gateways, Gateway Enclosures, Modems

Replacement for any damaged sensors or gateways, total replacement for sensors with depleted batteries on wireless sensors (typically every 5 years).

On-Site Startup Services

Experienced Vibration Analysts will install all the sensors and setup the software. Will need support for mounting the enclosure and providing power. No additional cost for travel, or expenses.

Off-Site Remote Support

Remote support for flagging issues, setting alarm levels, programming, full analysis support as needed – no limit.

Software User Licences 1 Editor and 1 Viewer

Additional viewer and editor licences available at OEM pricing.


IMx-8/16 Continuous Monitoring Device (add-on to the IMx-1)

$48/ per sensor per month
  • Minimum 6/12* Sensors per device
  • Minimum 2 Year agreement

Axios Wireless Vibration Monitoring

$14/ per sensor per month
  • Quantity Discounts
  • Minimum 100 sensors
  • Minimum 2 Year agreement

What our services can do for your business

Reduce Downtime

and unexpected failures through continuous monitoring and preventive maintenance


Improve Efficiency

and reliability through training and proper corrective maintenance techniques

Inform Decision-Making

with up-to-date analytics and predictive diagnostics on your company’s equipment

At PdM Specialists, we have both the experience and expertise to help you achieve your performance goals. Whether it’s testing, troubleshooting, or proactively maintaining assets, we’ll offer a complete and customized solution for your equipment.