Online Condition Monitoring

Reduce unexpected failures and downtime with continuous online monitoring of your machines and equipment.

Online Condition Monitoring and IIOT

Innovations in sensor manufacturing and computer based data storage have made Online Condition Monitoring and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions more affordable than ever before. The experts of PdM Specialists offer both customizable IIoT integration for a diverse array of industries, and have the predictive maintenance background and experience to accurately calibrate the software analytics to your specific equipment needs.

PdM Specialists represents over 30 years of on-site predictive maintenance experience. We combine that experience with effective IIoT solutions to ensure accurate online condition monitoring of your machines and equipment. Even the best sensors and technology will be ineffective without practical knowledge to ensure that they are monitoring the equipment accurately.

With online condition monitoring, you can get up-to-date analytics and predictive diagnostics on your company’s machines and equipment. PdM Specialists uses an extensive toolbox of state-of-the art sensors and monitoring technology to create custom predictive maintenance and IIoT solutions. These innovative programs can reliably detect and diagnosis maintenance problems and concerns before they affect production and related downtime costs.

Continuous Monitoring

Reduce unexpected failures and downtime with continuous monitoring of your machines and equipment. The experts at PdM Specialists can design an affordable online condition monitoring system customized to your company’s needs and specifications.

PdM Specialists offers a full range of continuous monitoring components and equipment from innovative equipment manufacturers including SKF, IFM Efector, and more—customized to meet the needs of our clients. Further we can provide setup, installation, and training on the equipment at your facility.

PdM offers 24/7 remote monitoring Subscriptions for online and route based systems.

Multilog on-line systems IMx-8 and IMx-16Plus

SKF Multilog devices provide a complete system for early fault detection. Improve the reliability, availability and performance of your rotating equipment with automatic advice for correcting existing or impending conditions. Visit for more information.

IFM VSE Vibration Modules — VSE150 series

  • For the reliable vibration monitoring of machines and equipment
  • Condition-based maintenance thanks to monitoring of imbalance, rolling element bearing or gear state
  • Dynamic inputs for simultaneous detection of up to four vibration sensors
  • Two switching outputs for pre-alarm and main alarm
  • Analog inputs for monitoring temperature and speed

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Wireless Monitoring

SKF Enlight Collect IMx-1

Automated machine monitoring for reliable rotation.

SKF Enlight Collect IMx-1 is a scalable and easy to set up mesh sensor network for data collection, available on a fee and performance based contracts.

  • For more critical equipment where data collection may be needed more frequently, or remote access is needed.
  • Self adjusts to collect data more frequently when above alarm threshold with Machine Learning capabilities.


  • Overall level and dynamic vibration data
  • Broadband acceleration and velocity measurements
  • SKF Acceleration Enveloping for early detection of defects in bearings and gears, and other impact type phenomena
  • Temperature measurement
  • Configurable data acquisition and processing
  • Periodic measurements
  • Mesh network communication
  • 4-year typical sensor battery lifetime (configuration dependent)
  • Rugged, compact design
  • Gateway is powered from an industrial, wide range, 24 V DC or PoE
  • Interfaces to wireless sensors (such as IMx-1), SKF App and software

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SKF Axios

The first line of defense for your machinery.

SKF Axios is a simple, wireless and scalable end-to-end predictive maintenance solution from SKF and Amazon Web Services (AWS) backed by a 5-year warranty.

  • Fully-automated wireless technology for vibration and temperature data collection
  • Uses machine learning to detect abnormal conditions in industrial equipment
  • Notifies maintenance and reliability teams when anomalies are detected to allow further investigation and proper maintenance

More Information

Wireless Sensors
Collect data from a wide range of machinery

WiFi or Ethernet Gateway
Transfer data to the cloud. Choose Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity

AWS Cloud Services
Uses machine learning to analyze machine data and detect anomalies

Web-based and Mobile Apps
Access real-time data and anomaly notifications via web-based and mobile apps

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SKF Axios vs. IMx-1

SKF Axios vs. IMx-1

What our services can do for your business

Reduce Downtime

and unexpected failures through continuous monitoring and preventive maintenance


Improve Efficiency

and reliability through training and proper corrective maintenance techniques

Inform Decision-Making

with up-to-date analytics and predictive diagnostics on your company’s equipment

At PdM Specialists, we have both the experience and expertise to help you achieve your performance goals. Whether it’s testing, troubleshooting, or proactively maintaining assets, we’ll offer a complete and customized solution for your equipment.