Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography finds and measures hidden electrical and mechanical problems. We use state-of-the-art cameras to perform infrared thermography (IR thermography) on electrical distribution systems, scanning of busses, breakers, fuses, splices, and more. Performing this service provides our clients with information critical to avoid system failures and fires that could result from loose and severely unbalanced connections.  Mechanical infrared enables you to monitor bearing, and winding temperatures on equipment surveyed by vibration, but also those machines where it is not cost effective for vibration monitoring.

Through infrared thermography, PdM Specialists scans for high resistance joints in connections as well as unbalanced loads.  By using a thermal camera, PdM Specialists has a thorough picture of problems before they become catastrophic.

Infrared Thermography, IR Thermography, Preventative Maintenance from PdM Specialists in Oregon, Washington, and Northwest

The reasons for testing vary from safety issues, determining energy loss and overall equipment reliability.  Regardless, through infrared thermography we are able to scan electrical distribution systems efficiently and effectively.



Electrical Distribution Infrared Thermography



Whether directed by your insurance carrier for production loss, or for fire protection, Electrical Distribution Infrared Thermography is the most cost effective way (along with a good connection cleaning inspection program) to ensure electrical equipment reliability.

Similar to vibration monitoring, Infrared Thermography (IR) monitoring can depend on the critical nature of your business or facility. Some of our clients prefer to measure every quarter, while others every year. We measure anything from the motor connections to substations and everything in between. The safety of our crew and yours is dependent on using the proper protection from an Arc Flash Blast (AFB).

Mechanical Infrared Thermography

Mechanical Infrared Thermography, Vibration Analysis and Testing, Fan Balancing, Infrared thermography, and ultrasonic testing in Oregon and WashingtonWe also test for mechanical faults in mechanical components such as bearings, motor windings, rotors , and more. A thermography camera and a trained technician allow us to see various problems before they become catastrophic. Our technicians can monitor to determine if there is excessive bearing heat from misalignment, too much or not enough lubrication, or the final stages of bearing failure. Structural thermography testing can reveal such problems as insulation defects, and heat loss, which can attribute to the total up time and health of your facility.

Winding temperature on a motor can be trended to discover insulation damage, and steam traps can be measured to determine if they are working correctly.