Floor Studies

Floor studies can help to identify problematic vibration before equipment installation, to ensure that sensitive equipment will work as intended.
Understanding the vibratory conditions of a structure or environment where sensitive equipment is to be placed ensures that the equipment will work as intended. If you are planning to install sensitive equipment in your facility that can be affected by environmental vibrations, you may need to perform a floor study.

Floor StudyThe movement and operation of large equipment and machinery, general traffic from cars, forklifts, and pedestrian activity, or other environmental disruption can wreak havoc with equipment and machinery that performs specialized, delicate or intricate tasks. A floor study will identify problematic vibration before equipment installation.

PdM Specialists performs floor vibration acceptance testing for sensitive equipment and machinery. We use the latest technology to record ambient vibration within floor structures that may interfere with microscopes, laser scanning equipment, SEM equipment, and other machinery that handles specialized and sensitive operations.


PdM Specialist is able to provide floor vibration acceptance testing for:

  • Microscopes
  • Laser scanning equipment
  • SEM equipment
  • MRI Machines
  • CT Scanning equipment
  • Etc.

What our services can do for your business

Reduce Downtime

and unexpected failures through continuous monitoring and preventive maintenance


Improve Efficiency

and reliability through training and proper corrective maintenance techniques

Inform Decision-Making

with up-to-date analytics and predictive diagnostics on your company’s equipment

At PdM Specialists, we have both the experience and expertise to help you achieve your performance goals. Whether it’s testing, troubleshooting, or proactively maintaining assets, we’ll offer a complete and customized solution for your equipment.