PdM Specialists Services:

Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis and Testing, Fan Balancing, Infrared Thermography, and Ultrasonic Testing from PdM Specialists in Oregon and WashingtonAt its core, vibration analysis is dependent on known factors, while unknown mechanical aspects play a major role in creating or generating vibration. Our engineers and technicians will work with you to determine the criticality of your equipment, production loss if there is an equipment failure. We will then help with designing a program that fits your specific situation and budget.


Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography, IR Thermography, Preventative Maintenance from PdM Specialists in Oregon, Washington, and NorthwestInfrared Thermography (IR) has found many areas of use in the last 15 years. Through infrared thermography, PdM Specialists can measure escaping energy from electrical and mechanical equipment.  By using a thermal camera, PdM Specialists can get a thorough picture of problems before they become catastrophic.  The reasons for testing vary from safety issues, determining energy loss and overall equipment reliability.


Fan Balancing / Dynamic Balancing

dynamic balancingWhile we are on-site, and performing this service, our technicians go the extra mile and record vibration data on all rotating elements associated with the component to balance. The motor is the often overlooked component, however bearings, pulley condition, electrical fluting (with VFD driven motors), often causes problems that could potentially cause more significant problems than an unbalanced rotor.


Motion Amplification

advancedanalysis-300x300Using Motion Amplification we can visualize the movement of an entire machine, or diagnose a structural problem. Motion amplification uses the pixels collected in a video capture to amplify motion and vibration in a machine’s system or structural components. By quantifying and analyzing these amplified motions we can create a detailed report to diagnosis defects and potential faults.


Sound Studies

Ultrasonic Testing, Vibration Analysis and Testing, Fan Balancing, Infrared Thermography from PdM Specialists in Oregon and WashingtonPdM Specialists has the capabilities for multi-channel (microphone) acquisition, or simple data logging of the sound at various locations and times. Our job is to define the magnitude of sound (sound velocity), and in some cases the octave band. In a few cases the exact frequency of an offending sound is needed in order to dampen or discover its source.