Vibration Analysis Services, Pacific Northwest

PdM Specialists’ service roots lie in the manufacturing plants, hi-rise buildings, saw mills, paper mills, textile plants, and semiconductor plants of the Pacific Northwest.   Over the years, our work has expanded to numerous other industries in surrounding states and time zones.  Our services provide excellent opportunities to improve the mechanical reliability of your facility.

Our clients rely on us for a variety of PdM technologies such as Vibration Analysis and Infrared Thermography.  We also provide training for these technologies and for correct equipment maintenance.

Our Most Common Services

Vibration Route or “Routine” based services are at the core of our offerings.  Providing routine vibration analysis allows us to trend a machine’s condition.  Since trending is essential for predicting failures of equipment, we store the data we collect on redundant servers and backup devices to ensure your historical information (as well as reports) are secure and protected.

We provide vibration analysis routine services monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly, depending on need and equipment criticality.  We work with each of our clients to assess the criticality of their equipment. Baseline acceptance testing is also performed, and the data weighed against our knowledge base and analogous equipment.

Highly critical equipment that can fail quickly may require continual monitoring.  Online and Continuous Monitoring provides the highest level of protection against unplanned equipment downtime.  While continuous monitoring is typically more expensive than route-based service, the systems we provide are proven, robust, and relatively affordable.

While working with the various types of operation in the Pacific Northwest, PdM Specialists has gained vast experience with equipment unique to each industry. Many clients, therefore, specifically seek our expertise in advanced services such as such as ODS and Modal Analysis.  These advanced techniques provide seismic, sound, and structural studies necessary to determine correct machine support and function.

Whatever your industry or equipment, PdM Specialists has the experience and qualifications to help place your facility maintenance back on track.  PdM Specialists’ vibration technicians are ISO 184636-2:2014 certified up to the highest level – Category IV.