PdM Specialists offers several options for route based vibration analysis programs to monitor your machines and equipment. Route based vibration analysis programs can be conducted at monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly intervals.   A criticality assessment developed during the initial evaluation will help determine data-collection frequency.

Step 1 – Evaluation

In order to provide the PdM vibration analysis program that best fits your needs,

we’ll help you identify key indicators that align with your maintenance goals.

  • What are the primary goals? (Improve reliability, reduce cost, troubleshoot, etc.
  • How often should you monitor? How critical is the equipment and highest cost to repair?
  • Do you have scheduled shutdowns? How frequently?
  • Do you have in-house resources to collect the data?
  • Do you have in-house resources to analyze and report the data?
  • How would you characterize the equipment’s current reliability?
  • What is your budget?


Step 2 – Site Assessment

PdM Specialists works with you to identify the scope of your PdM vibration analysis program.  Together we’ll conduct a criticality assessment and identify your needs; producing a plan to meet your goals.

Once our evaluation and assessment is complete, it’s time to pick the type of program you want to implement.


Step 3 – Choosing Your Tier

Our route-based vibration analysis programs are separated into tiers based on the amount of in-house resources you want to utilize to implement program.  We have the resources, technology, and specialists to run the entire vibration analysis program for you.  Or if you looking to build your own reliability  program,  our detailed and hands-on trainings can get you up and running in no time.

Route Based Vibration Analysis

Tier 1: PdM Boots on Ground
We take vibration readings, collect and analyze the data, and send you customized reports.

Tier 2: In-House Data – Collection
We enable your team to collect data and we analyze and provide a report based on the data they collect.

Tier 3: Vibration Program Mentorship
We work with your team to create an in-house PdM program, training them to collect, analyze and report.

Step 4 – Implementation

We have a plan and its time to get things started.  We’ll program all the machines and equipment we’ve identify into a database and begin data collection.  The following is a brief outline of the first quarter of a route based vibration analysis program utilizing monthly data collection:

Initial Survey
After an initial survey, baseline readings are taken on your machinery and the vibration data is used to assess the condition of your equipment.

Second Survey
After a second survey we begin to develop a trend, helping us better recognize machine conditions by analyzing changes in  vibration.

Quarterly Program Evaluation
Every three months we conduct an audit of the program to assess its success and if there are any adjustments that need to made.

*Quarterly or Bi-monthly programs will follow a similar timetable with Program Evaluations taken at appropriate intervals.


Our vibration analysis reports are simple and intuitive, providing a brief summary of our finds and maintenance recommendations.  We’ll give you as much information as you need, and will work with you to customize the reports to suit your needs.

Click the below image for a closer look at our sample report:

Route Based Vibration Analysis Report