Ripsaw Motion Amplification ODS Study


  • The Ripsaw has had high vibration on the Arbor Jackshaft, and Motors for some time.
    • The majority of the vibration on the arbor jackshaft and drive motors has been at the speed of the arbor, and not the speed of the motors, indicating structural stiffness issues.
  • Motion amplification was performed to determine the direction of movement simultaneously across each component (West and East Motor and Jackshaft). This operating deflection was then used to pinpoint the likely cause of excessive movement.
  • The first video shows axial movement of the East Motor as viewed from the top. The camera is only magnifying motion in the X and Y directions and with this view X was the horizontal movement and Y was the axial movement. The Arbor Jackshaft non drive end bearing is also moving axially while the drive end bearing is moving more horizontally.
  • The second and third video taken of the East Motor base showed the motor sole plate flexing (causing a gap to form under the base at 1x per revolution of the arbor jackshaft). The structure of the machine under the motor non drive end can also be seen flexing – also at the arbor jackshaft speed.



  • The East Motor feet are sitting on a cantilevered base.
    • Consider stiffening the foundation using angled struts (4″ square tubing) from the cantilevered base to the existing structure.
  • Ensure bolted mounts are secure.
  • Realign
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