Motion Amplification Pump Study


  • PdM was called on site to investigate the misalignment of the pump.
  • Cross phase analysis was conducted along the base of the machine’s platform.
    • 180 degree phase difference was found, causing a momentary misalignment between the sheaves.
  • The primary source of vibration on the structure and the machine were at 2X pump speed, seen both in our vibration readings and during the motion amplification study.
  • The video below illustrates the high 2X vibration on the pump’s platform, causing momentary misalignment.

Pump Slide 3


Further Analysis

  • 1X vibration was also apparent on the pump platform, seen by the rocking motion.
  • The lack of structural support is the cause of this vibration however, not as damaging as the 2X vibration and not the cause of momentary misalignment,
    • This vibration will, however, fatigue the structure if not resolved.
      • As the structure fatigues, the vibration will continue to rise at 1X and 2X pump speed.
  • The following video shows the rocking motion at 1X pump speed.


  • Conclusion: Lack of structural stiffness was causing the equipment to move out of phase. This is causing momentary misalignment, and creating destructive vibration on machine components (bearings, belts, shafts, etc.).
    • Secondary concern is a structural fatigue.
  • Angled bracing should be added to each post, where bracing is currently missing.
    • 45 degree bracing on both sides perpendicular to the belt.
      • Similar to the current bracing parallel to the belts.
  • Follow up readings should be taken once bracing is added to confirm vibration issue has been reduced.

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