PdM Specialists Trainings

At PdM Specialists, we believe in sharing our experience and expertise to partner with our customers in creating predictive maintenance solutions that fit their specific needs.  In keeping with this goal, PdM offers a number of onsite and remote training programs to teach and mentor your employees.  So they understand and grasp the concepts of predictive maintenance.  Our programs enable employees to better serve their company’s goals.  By providing a foundational understanding of concepts in predictive maintenance and vibration analysis, PdM seeks to build a relationship of understanding and trust.  We aren’t just going to sell you any PdM program, we will work with you to build a program tailored to your needs and expand your knowledge.

Predictive Maintenance Program Development and Training

Blueprint for Vibration Analysis and Testing, Fan Balancing, Infrared Thermography, and Ultrasonic Testing from PdM Specialists in Oregon and WashingtonAn ISO 184636-2:2014 Category III & IV analysts will train your technician(s) on software setup instrument use and proper data collection. Our technicians have used many different brands of data collectors and software and we can pass this knowledge to your team.

Through the years we have learned many shortcuts that can help you to be more efficient and get the most out of your vibration analysis system. Together we will create a criticality list of your machines, set up your machine database and establish routes. We will instruct you on how to use your instrument and collect data in the field. Proper data collection is important to machine condition diagnosis; we will collect data in the field with your technician and assist in analysis. Once baseline data has been recorded we will develop good condition based alarms that will improve the accuracy of your analysis and reduce analysis time so that your technician can focus on corrective and preventative maintenance.  After the training we can continue to assist in analysis and database modifications through web based remote access to your computer.

Predictive Maintenance Training is a great supplement to our predictive and preventive maintenance programs. Contact us via the short form, and one of our representatives will contact you.

PdM Success Online Training

PdM Success is an online training and development program designed to give your employees access to tutorials, webinars, and resources to build your predictive maintenance program.

These intuitive learning modules include information videos and walkthroughs on the latest predictive maintenance software.  Continuous updates and improvements, ensure up-to-date information and guidance. Further unique site specific trainings have been designed to help you custom tailor your predictive maintenance program.

For access to PdM Success please contact us by using the contact form embedded in this page.

PdM Success Trainings:

  • IFM Hardware/Software
  • SKF Software
  • SPM Software
  • Vibration Analysis Techniques