Oil analysis is an essential tool in defining the total condition of your machinery and equipment.  Along with vibration analysis and infrared thermography,  oil analysis provides an essential piece of a complete condition monitoring program.

Monitoring and analyzing oils for characteristics such as wear particles, contamination, chemical composition, and viscosity are vital to improving equipment reliability. Oil analysis provides critical early warning information indicative of excessive wear, contamination, or impending machine failure.  We correlate oil sample results with vibration analysis to enhance the accuracy of our analysis.

  • Perform particle counts to determine the quanitity of metals within the oil.
  • Perform crackle tests to determine the water content
  • Particle wear analysis to determine size of the particles and what kind of problem is causing the wear (impact, sliding, etc.).


We offer complete services to help you get the most for your money and to ensure your equipment is monitored on a timely and routine schedule. From setting up the schedule to manufacturer’s specifications, to collecting the samples and performing the analysis and report, we have you covered. Call us for pricing.

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