Motion Amplification Blower Study


  • PdM specialists were requested to assess the vibratory movement of the blower and determine the source(s) of the unusual vibration and noise during equipment operation.
  • The equipment had recently been aligned and to further diagnose faults Motion Amplification was used to pinpoint any remaining in the system.
  • Through advanced analysis techniques, the following report will show a significant amount of vibration emanating at 2x and 4x blower speed.
  • The following videos were exported from the study, and provide a better understanding of the overall vibration on the skid.



Below are the recommendations in order of importance:

  1. Relieve pipe strain on the blower end of the machine train by supporting inlet and discharge pipes.
  2. Ensure all bolts are tightened and not bottomed out across the length of the base frame.
  3. Install new isolation pads on entire machine train
    1. Isolation pads should be rated specifically for system load and forces (if using same type and style of isolation, verify they are rated for this application)
  4. Add vertical support inside existing I-beam channels under the motor end.
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