IFM electronic – Real-time vibration monitoring

IFM offers extensive options for monitoring critical machines and equipment for all industries. Vibration analysis protects machine components and equipment by identifying faults and condition problems as they occur.  IFM’s multiplex vibration monitor provides specific vibration analysis on components inside a machine such as rolling element bearings, rotating unbalanced, and gear drives.



SmartObserver is a complete software package for machine condition and process management.  IFM continuous monitoring provides detailed visualization of machine condition, and can be viewed in real-time through an intuitive online dashboard. 



VES004 is a free software package for parameterization and analysis of vibration data captured by IFM vibration modules. The condition of the equipment is continually monitored and evaluated for any changes in the operating parameters. VES004 offers a number of easy to use analysis tools including historical trending, waveform and spectrum monitoring.


VSEs and Components

IFM’s VSE vibration modules are the main operating system for vibration data capture and processing.  The system consists of a cabinet-mount diagnostic module, model VSE, and multiple compact accelerometers that are mounted permanently on the equipment. 


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