Motion Amplification Compressor Study


  • PdM was called on site to investigate the root cause of excess vibration on the motor end of the compressor and skid.
  • Cross phase analysis was conducted along the base of the machine’s platform.
    • 180 degrees phase difference was found in the vertical direction with the sensors placed on either side of the machine.
  • The primary source of vibration on the structure and the machine was at 1X motor speed, seen both in our vibration readings and during motion amplification study.
  • The video below illustrates the high 1X vibration on the motor, causing momentary misalignment and possibly increasing lobe passing frequency.

Further Analysis

  • 1X vibration was the dominant frequency on the motor.
    • The previous video prompted me to take a video on the back side of the motor, the results will be shown in the next video.
  • The next video shows the vibration on the other end (south side) of the machine amplified at 1X RPM.
    • The issue was deemed to be the root cause of the vibration on the machine. Which could be causing some if not all of the other issues sited in previous vibration reports.


  • Conclusion: Vibration on the NDE of the motor is high due to the lack of structural support on the back end of the machine’s skid.
  • Depending on what is found in the space beneath the steel plate, this space should be filled in with concrete to provide optimal support for the machine.
    • If concrete can not be filled in beneath the steel plate, then the machine needs to be moved to avoid premature failure throughout the machine and surrounding components.
  • Follow up readings should be taken once corrective action is taken.
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