Our Company

We provide and implement complete solutions for your equipment.

Nationally Recognized

PdM Specialists is a nationally recognized maintenance solutions company.

Our mission is to help customers achieve their performance goals. We continuously invest in our equipment and staff to ensure we offer the “right” solution for the application. One that achieves results and saves money. We offer maintenance programs using periodic, real time, and/or remote analysis specific to the needs of the customer. Whether its acceptance testing, troubleshooting, or proactively maintaining assets, PdM offers a complete solution for your equipment.

Trained Experts

PdM engineers and technicians all hold ISO 184636 vibration analyst certifications, enabling for expedited, accurate analysis and fault diagnosis.

Using the most up-to-date equipment and software allows for precise interpretation of data and results.

Reports are generated in a simplistic, intuitive and easy to read format. Data is compiled to develop trends and alarm limits so no false warnings are given, yet still provide early warning detection.

Leading-Edge Technology

New image processing technology enables PdM to perform ODS analysis in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

Online monitoring allows for real time feedback on the impact of changes made, further reducing time and cost. Equipment no longer needs to shut down to perform analysis, increasing flexibility and eliminating downtime requirements. Furthermore, this method eliminates the need to touch equipment, reducing safety risks.

Other applications include benchmarking, monitoring process lines and structures, root cause troubleshooting, QC operations and commissioning of new equipment.

Using the latest FLIR Infrared cameras, PdM offers full infrared scans of equipment and electrical distribution. Temperature profiling and tracking provide objective means to monitor temperature and interpret results. Reports are generated to include both numeric and pictorial methods to display findings.

Industrial Internet of Things

With the new area of connectivity, IIoT is creating opportunities to drive uptime and efficiency.

PdM is on the leading edge of this technology and has already begun to integrate it into world class facilities around the globe.

Gathering and analyzing big data allows companies to better manage operating expenditure and business intelligence efforts for customers. It creates new business opportunities for asset management, such as predictive maintenance, that enable massive cost savings.

Simply put, it is the future, and our staff is equipped to support it.

Customized Maintenance Programs

Being a complete solutions provider to a vast array of industries and sectors, PdM has both the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s a single machine, a complete maintenance program, or a smart system, we will provide the solution that meets your needs.