Machines are expensive and faults are often initiated during transport and installation. Falling out of alignment, becoming unbalanced, and bearing defects are some of the leading causes of premature failures. Make sure your new machine is operating within spec from day one with acceptance testing.


At PdM we confirm your newly installed equipment is running to specifications with advanced vibration readings and provide a detailed report of machine condition. Faults are detected early, avoiding downtime and premature failures of critical machines, extending the equipment’s useful life.  Acceptance testing will help provide quicker return on your capital investment.

We provide vibration and sound based acceptance testing.

Why Acceptance Test?

Faults that occur prior to or during machine installation are the leading cause of machine failure. In reliability maintenance this is known as infant mortality, and accounts for a shocking 69% of machine failures in the field.  We can confirm that your machinery as running at specifications and identify problem faults so that corrective action can be taken before it leads to catastrophic failure.   Why waste money?  With acceptance testing you can have confidence your machinery starts its production life running at optimal efficiency. 

Infant mortality pie graph

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