PdM Specialists is based in Portland, OR, and services clients throughout the West, Pacific Northwest, and the Hawaiian Islands.  

PdM Specialists provides custom maintenance programs for a wide range of clients and industries, including: paper and saw mills, dairy plants, hospitals, commercial and government buildings, ski resorts, sewage and water treatment facilities, parts casting plants, airports, semiconductor plants, food processing, vessels and more. Our team of vibration analysis experts offer peace of mind through vibration analysis services, as well as: infrared thermal testing (sometimes called infrared thermography), ultrasonic testing and sound analysis, floor vibration studies, corrective maintenance including fan balancing (dynamic balancing).

What sets PdM Specialists apart from our competitors?

The most principled consulting companies provide training and support to increase clients’ self-sufficiency.  PdM Specialists not only provides the highest quality services, but also – through our training programs- the tools necessary to reduce your need for services.  Most industries will always need vibration trending, analysis surveys, and some level of continued support.

PdM Specialists works with you to improve reliability, predictability, and efficiency.  Therefore, the frequency with which you monitor your equipment may be reduced.  This is accomplished in two ways:  1) Timely reporting of equipment failures and 2) prevention of future failures via precise training and corrective maintenance techniques.

Other companies may not want to “share their recipe” for program success.  However, we’ve found that providing training in total quality maintenance techniques creates a productive client relationship that reduces dependence on constant service, increases equipment reliability, and allows us to provide continued support and training to you whenever necessary.

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A Cooling Customer

PdM Specialists was brought on site to investigate repetitive failures of a waste heat exhaust fan for a gas turbine. Vibration readings taken on the motor and fan bearings did not produce any conclusive leads. Motion Amplification to the Rescue!! Recordings were taken at multiple angles and distances. The below recording showed vibration on the inlet side of the machine train, at the thermal expansion joint and fan inlet flange. Due to Continue >>

Save the Seals!

A centrifugal pump was investigated due to multiple seal failures. Vibration measurements indicated a misalignment condition, however, a precision alignment between the motor and pump had been performed and confirmed to be within tolerance. Motion Amplification to the rescue!! After taking multiple videos it was discovered that the center support section of the base was hollow and flexing due to fatigue, temporarily and rapidly throwing the pump runner out of alignment. The Continue >>