PdM Specialists

At PdM Specialists, we provide and integrate predictive maintenance solutions.

Predict, Prevent, Maintain.

PdM Specialists provides remote and on-site services as well as custom maintenance programs for a wide range of clients and industries, including: pulp and paper, saw mills, dairy plants, hospitals, commercial and government buildings, ski resorts, sewage and water treatment facilities, parts casting plants, airports, semiconductor plants, food processing, marine vessels (shipping, research, cruise, etc.) and more. Our team of predictive maintenance experts offer peace of mind through vibration analysis services, as well as: infrared thermal testing (sometimes called infrared thermography), motion amplification ODS, floor vibration studies, and corrective maintenance including fan balancing (dynamic balancing).
PdM Specialists has offices in Portland, OR and Kona, HI; and services clients worldwide.

Our Services

PdM Specialists Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis

Continuous and Route-Based Monitoring
PdM Specialists Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography

Mechanical and Electrical
PdM Specialists Fan Balancing

Fan Balancing

Complete Diagnosis
PdM Specialists Motion Amplification

Motion Amplification

Frequency Based Filtering

Why PdM Specialists?

The most principled consulting companies provide training and support to increase clients’ self-sufficiency. PdM Specialists not only provides the highest quality services, but also—through our training programs—the tools necessary to reduce your need for services.

PdM Specialists works with you to improve reliability, predictability, and efficiency. Therefore, the frequency with which you monitor your equipment may be reduced. This is accomplished in two ways: 1) Timely reporting of equipment failures and 2) prevention of future failures via precise training and corrective maintenance techniques.

Other companies may not want to “share their recipe” for program success. However, we’ve found that providing training in proactive maintenance techniques creates a productive client relationship that reduces downtime, increases equipment reliability, and allows us to provide a higher tier of training and support geared toward continuous improvement.

Our Clients

These are some of our clients who have benefited from our predictive maintenance services: